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Botanical Oils - The Goddesses of Skin Care

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Even oily skin benefits from the right oil

Today you will find face oils are available everywhere. These amazing oils have been elevated to the status of the Goddesses of skincare, they give a boost of hydration, are gentle, natural and soothing and even people with oily skin benefit from using them.

Your skin produces it's own natural oil that is designed to lubricate your skin and provide a protective layer, as well as heal and moisturise it. Moisturising and cleansing with a quality oil that is compatible with your skin leaves it soft glowing and healthy.

    Oils are a natural way to deliver a range of essential fatty acids and nutrients like vitamins C, D and E to your skin. People with breakouts and acne can tend to have a deficiency of linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) in their skin, something our body and skin both need for good health, and certain oils have a higher amount than others of this fatty acid. 

    Which oil or oil blend to use can sometimes get pretty confusing though. The oils all have unique chemical make-ups that provide different benefits. So it's an art and science to create an effective blend that achieves the desired result. 

    Skin sensitivities

    I have fair sensitive skin. It burns easily and preservatives cause scaliness and red blotches. Negotiating skin care for me was a nightmare for a long time. I just seemed to have permanently red, blotchy skin, even though I used expensive skincare and had really regular facials. I remember once, a few years ago now, I visited a beautician who said to me "your complexion is pale and interesting". She mixed me a face oil, just for my particular skin problems. I religiously massaged my face with this simple oil once a day, and my blotchy skin disappeared to be replaced with a creamy smooth complexion. Still pale, yes, but the "interesting" blotchiness and rough patches were gone. 

    I was converted from a consumer of complicated creams to a purist, who will now allow only chemical-free oils and butters to touch my skin. I've since gone on to learn more and more about the individual qualities of many of the amazing oils used in natural skin care. 

    Maqui Berry Oil

    One of my favourite oils (and latest discovery) is Maqui Berry fruit oil. I couldn't wait to start formulating with it and sharing this extraordinary oil with you. I know you'll love it! 

    Maqui berries are the highest known antioxidant superfruit with superior anti-inflammatory properties. The fruit is a deep purple berry that thrives in the harsh climate of the remote Patagonia region of South America. Maqui berries have traditionally been consumed by the Mapuche Indians for a variety of problems like sore throat, ulcers, fever, and to boost immunity.

    The only way I can describe its effect on my skin is "instant glow". Maqui berry oil is filled with antioxidants, which help to slow down premature ageing by fighting free radicals that damage skin cells ...this outstanding oil is so nourishing that the result is radiant, youthful and glowing skin.

    My other fave is Prickly Pear Seed Oil one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world, this oil is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin K. The high vitamin E and amino acids content stimulates collagen production and protects the cells against free radicals. 

    This precious, nutrient-rich, fast-absorbing face oil is high in linoleic acid which enhances skin elasticity, it absorbs really quickly, so there's no layer of oil sitting on your skin, and it penetrates to the deeper layers to provide intense hydration for all skin types. It is also extraordinarily effective in calming troubled skin. Perfection!

    I've taken these two supremely talented oils and combined them to create our new Maqui Berry Glow Serum, the divine Blue Tansy Beauty Oil and the luscious Maqui Berry Beauty Balm. 





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