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Summer Shipping

We do not include any synthetic stabilisers, waxes or even beeswax in any of our products. Our balms are delicate and natural and are susceptible to melting in transit on very hot days. We do our best to mitigate this problem of Summer Shipping by packing all our orders in boxes packed with insulation. We also package our balms in glass jars with twist lids to help prevent leakage if melting occurs. 

Here's the most important thing you can do to protect your balm after you receive it:

In hot weather, refrigerate your balm BEFORE OPENING! We know it takes a superhuman effort not to open the jar and smell it immediately, but please be patient and wait! 

If you open the jar to check if it's melted you'll risk spilling your precious balm. 

We formulate our balms with pure, raw, natural ingredients. Many commercial companies contain synthetic and often toxic additives to stabilise, emulsify and thicken their products - these chemicals are absorbing straight into your blood stream when you rub them into your skin. Our balms maintain a naturally soft solid state at room temperature and are ready to melt like butter on contact with your warm skin. Your balm may melt in transit in summer months because it is a pure, natural, artisan product. Rest assured that melting for short periods won't damage or affect the shelf life of your product, provided you refrigerate it as soon as possible.